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  • Sky MeteorDownload

    Sky Meteor

    2015-02-12 | 1.29MB

    Sky Meteor is a timed three round matching game, featuring star cards. The first round in the hotspo...

  • Crush Frog LeonDownload

    Crush Frog Leon

    2016-02-02 | 12.85MB

    This is an adorable pet diminshing music game,,lovely frog, stunning special effects,

  • Social EmpiresDownload

    Social Empires

    2014-09-11 | 649.78KB

    Create your empire from the ground, train villagers and construct a powerful army to defeat the hord...

  • LINE Get RichDownload

    LINE Get Rich

    2016-05-10 | 34.9MB

    Call friends and family over for some Get Rich time! Roll the dice! Game on, people! Avoid bankruptc...

  • Papers, Please! Walkthrough!Download

    Papers, Please! Walkthrough!

    2014-08-18 | 1.04MB

    This application will help you understand all the fine nuances and subtleties of the unique gameplay...

  • Papa's Hot DoggeriaDownload

    Papa's Hot Doggeria

    2014-08-18 | 17.43MB

    Papa's Hot Doggeria is one of the series of operations game. This time the theme is the hot dog shop...

  • Cooking Academy 2Download

    Cooking Academy 2

    2014-08-18 | 9.86MB

    Cooking Academy 2 Game

  • Fiete IslandsDownload

    Fiete Islands

    2015-11-06 | 21516779

    Fiete is a friendly sailor who lives on an island in the sea. In this interactive picture-book, chil...

  • Azada: Ancient Magic (Full) CEDownload

    Azada: Ancient Magic (Full) CE

    2015-08-08 | 147765329

    Big Fish Games Studios summons you back to the deep mystery and magic of Azada. Too afraid to enter ...

  • Frederic Resurrection of MusicDownload

    Frederic Resurrection of Music

    2015-11-13 | 495378759

    “Colorful and full of character, the art direction lends itself perfectly…” Mike Fahey, Kotaku - Gam...

  • My Jurassic Farm - Dino FarmDownload

    My Jurassic Farm - Dino Farm

    2015-10-23 | 80446750

    Farm your land and develop the most beautiful farm around, full of dinosaurs Build your farm and ta...

  • iBoy 3DSDownload

    iBoy 3DS

    2015-05-31 | 3.94MB

    iBoy 3DS! is a super fast and full-featured emulator to run GameBoy 3DS games on the broadest range ...

  • Fleabag vs MuttDownload

    Fleabag vs Mutt

    2014-08-18 | 1.09MB

    You can choose either to be a cat or a dog and your aim is to throw bones, cans etc on your opponent...

  • Echoes of SorrowDownload

    Echoes of Sorrow

    2015-07-02 | 290717696

    Echoes of Sorrow pushes the boundaries of storytelling and character development in games with its a...

  • Office LifeDownload

    Office Life

    2015-07-09 | 14774435

    «Office Life» game – 3D simulation of everyday life in offices... Working as a secretary is uneasy....

  • Burn The CityDownload

    Burn The City

    2015-07-01 | 10475274

    Works on phones and tablets with Android 2.2 or better. Permissions are to unlock new Characters th...

  • Abduction! 2Download

    Abduction! 2

    2015-06-30 | 11953766

    The cow is back! Jump your way to the top of over 120 levels in 15 colourful and varied landscapes. ...

  • Hot Donut PremiumDownload

    Hot Donut Premium

    2015-06-30 | 20688404

    This version of Hot Donut is Completely Ad-Free! You are a high velocity donut in a beautiful world...

  • SweetLand — Family Board GameDownload

    SweetLand — Family Board Game

    2015-07-09 | 45256540

    Nothing says ‘quality time’ like playing a family board game with your kids. It is fun for children ...

  • Wonderlines: match-3 puzzle .Download

    Wonderlines: match-3 puzzle .

    2015-06-30 | 12509511

    Once, during an expedition to South America, a famous archaeologist found some strange hieroglyphic ...

  • Hotel Mogul HDDownload

    Hotel Mogul HD

    2015-06-18 | 19618856

    Lynette\'s conniving husband has cheated her out of her family business! What can an enterprising yo...

  • Mystery Island Full versionDownload

    Mystery Island Full version

    2015-06-29 | 62474158

    Alex was making a routine run across the Atlantic Ocean in his cargo plane when his girlfriend\'s lu...

  • Quest for the Magic BookDownload

    Quest for the Magic Book

    2015-06-29 | 42446356

    Step into an adventure and investigate. Brave into the haunted house and search for the magical tome...

  • Magic Academy: hidden castle.Download

    Magic Academy: hidden castle.

    2015-06-26 | 21149777

    Magic Academy is a hidden object game with a mysterious mix of puzzles and adventure! A sorcery dete...

  • Flux Family Secrets (Full)Download

    Flux Family Secrets (Full)

    2015-06-26 | 117000110

    A mysterious family has contacted you and holds the secrets of your past! Fix the errors in time in ...

  • Mini Land KidDownload

    Mini Land Kid

    2015-07-09 | 8220835

    MiniLand is a funny game for children : \"drag and drop the 5 random pieces in various scenes : unde...

  • Dark Parables: Briar (Full)Download

    Dark Parables: Briar (Full)

    2015-06-25 | 161208074

    1000 years ago, Sleeping Beauty was kissed by a prince, which removed a terrible curse from the king...

  • Landscape - City Builder GameDownload

    Landscape - City Builder Game

    2015-07-02 | 38052823

    >> Any questions, critic or suggestion, please contact us via Twitter (@codeLuiz) or our website on ...

  • CrumpetsDownload


    2015-07-02 | 74616668

    THE CRUMPETS are coming to mobiles and tablets. Find Li\'l one, Granny and all the family in four fu...

  • Hidden Object - AladdinDownload

    Hidden Object - Aladdin

    2015-07-09 | 24830279

    Aladdin is a beautiful painted hidden object game with a great twisting story. Enter a mystical des...

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